F-16C/D Barak 1:48 Expand

F-16C/D Barak 1:48

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IsraDecal IAF-42 double sheet features 1/48 scale markings for six Israeli Air Force squadrons operating single seat and two seats versions of the F-16C/D Barak. Additional small decal sheet provides the 50th anniversary logo in two forms used on Israeli F-16s. 

This set reveal for the first time the new tail art for 101 Squadron, designed by Ra'anan Weiss from Isradecal. This release is an updated second printing of IsraDecal's sold-out IAF-21 F-16C/D earlier Barak decal release.

Unique Valley Squadron 50th anniversary markings are also provided for their F-16D's.

Complete stencils are provided for a two aircraft with production (gray and orange) and local repaint (black and red) options provided. Numerals are provided to do any IAF F 16C Barak one wishes. For the first time, air to air refueling receptacle guide markings are provided to accurately match the thinner contours of the two seat F-16D upper fuselage fairing. Individual chaff/flare dispensers are provided in red, yellow and white. Like the IAF-41 set, an 8 page black and white instructions booklet is provided featuring 10 photos and 26 line drawings.

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