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SG50 Special Release

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SG50 Special Release

Decal Set includes:

1) Black Knights 2015 *NEW*

2) F-16 Fighting Osprey A48017x

3) F-16 Night Phoenix A48018x

4) CH-47SD Chinook A48019

Bonus Decal

PLUS the following most selected bonus decals based on pre-order volume (see way below):

A) RSAF Seahawk *NEW*

B) RSAF Apache *NEW*



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How to get it

If our pre-order exceed:

50 pcs - One of the Most Selected Bonus Decals

100 pcs - Two of the Most Selected Bonus Decals

150 pcs - Three of the Most Selected Bonus Decals

200 pcs - All the Bonus Decals


This will be an one time Make-To-Order. It will not be available in ANY retail store. We shall stop taking orders as soon as we start printing. After which, the decals are sold separately between S$13.90 to S$49.90 each. Thank you.

Delivery before January May 2016 if not earlier This is due to our heavy corporate orders during year end.

Please note that this is a PRE-ORDER