Model by:Thomas Ng from Malaysia
Kit:Italeri 1/72 MiG-29A
Decal:Scale Nutz A72023 TUDM MiG-29N Fulcrum and Su-30MKM Super Flanker
Comments:TUDM ordered 18 MiG-29 variants in 1996 which includes 16 single fighters and 2 two-seat trainers. The Mig are based in Kuantan AFB under No. 17(OCU) and No. 19 Sqn. These MiG-29SE aircraft ( local designation MiG-29N ) have been modified to include Western avionics like IFF systems, navigation systems. 

MiG-29N has since been upgraded to be capable of carrying the R-77 Adder Missiles, retractable aerial refuelling probe, additional 1000kg payload and enhanced radar performance.

TUDM MiGs adopted the standard Mig 2 tone Green/Gray camo scheme, Both sqn share the common Gray lightning Bow tail art and adopted a Low viz Gray national marking. Latest development saw both sqn added the individual sqn logo (No 17 Bat and No 19 Cobra)on the tail fin beside the usual Lightning Bow.

This model was build OOB with the resin refueling probe, some fitting problem was encounter at the 2 engine intake and the starboard vertical fin, otherwise it was a smooth build.

No too happy with the MM color, I shot the MM Fulcrum Gray direct from bottle, and I think it is a bit too yellow as compare to the photo. The Green/Gray look passable, But I prefer it to be a little bit darker too.

Scalenutz decal gave about a zillion stencils which really drive me nutz.. I not going to put every single one of it, Not in this scale...