This weekend will be the largest birthday party in Singapore ever and many of us will be heading down to the bay area for the spectacular aerial display and fireworks.

Many of our friends, fellow Singaporeans and visitors (tourists we met during rehearsal) had been asking us these questions:

  1. Which direction will the aircraft be coming?
  2. When are they coming?

Thus we decided to come out with this map to help them select the best location and what to look out for.

PS It is not 100% accurate but good enough =)

Disclaimer This map is based on our observation over the past 5 weekends. No animal or RSAF personnel is harmed during the process :p

Before 6:00pm CHOPE

That's right. Expect lots of people to turn up. Chope your space with a tripod (please lah. Use those big one and not the Daiso $2 one). While waiting, chat with your neighbors or try to spot a White-bellied Sea Eagle family that called Marina Bay home. These Eagles were once near extinct in Singapore. Thanks to NEA and NParks for creating a green space and river clean up campaign that we are still able to see these majestic bird of prey around =)

6:00pm Red Lions

The wind direction has been constant for the past few weekends, so we can assume that the Red Lions will air drop west of Padang. Do look out for their orange smoke.

6:15pm Black Knights in 5 stars formation

A special aerial flypast by the Black Knights as a tribute to late Mr Lee Kuan Yew. The 5 stars formation represents the ideals that Mr Lee spent his life pushing for – democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality.

6:30pm Singapore Airlines A380 flyby

Making her debut in NDP, the Queen of the Skies, A380, to fly for the first time in National Day Parade.

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