As we mentioned in Part 1, this weekend will be the largest birthday party in Singapore ever and many of us will be heading down to the bay area for the spectacular aerial display and fireworks.

Many of our friends, fellow Singaporeans and visitors (tourists we met during rehearsal) had been asking us these questions:

  1. Which direction will the aircraft be coming?
  2. When are they coming?

Thus we decided to come out with this map to help them select the best location and what to look out for.

PS It is not 100% accurate but good enough =)

Disclaimer This map is based on our observation over the past 5 weekends. No animal or RSAF personnel is harmed during the process :p

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6:43pm National Flag

Over the horizon to south west, the National Flag will be flew by Chinook and escorted by 2 Apaches.

6:47pm SG50 Formation Flyby

Right after the National Anthem, 20 F-16s will form the number 50 and flyby the bay area.

6:48pm Black Knights Vertical Split

I don't care what is the actual name. Looks more like Huat Split to me. Maybe we all should shout "Huat Ah!!" when Black Knights execute this maneuver.

6:55pm RSAF Aerial Display

After the 21 Gun Salute, RSAF Aerial Contingents will flyby using the same flight path as SG50 formation.

7:00pm onwards Mobile Column and minor Fireworks here & there

Now is the best time to reconfigure your camera for fireworks. Short blast of fireworks fired as and when. Take the opportunity to trim your setting. If you brought dinner (I did), it's dinner time :D

8:20pm Grand Finale

The biggest fireworks display in NDP ever. Standing anywhere along the Bay area should let you have a spectacular view of the fireworks display. Well... unless you are a Hobbit :p