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The June 1967 Six-Day War Vol. A

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No. of pages: 208

Size: 21x27.5cm

Cover: Laminated cardboard.

Contains over 300 photos and color profiles.

The most detailed and well researched title ever published about the Israeli AF during the Six-Day War.

SYNOPSIS - 1967 Six-Day War Book - Volume A

Only eighteen years after its establishment, the Israeli Air Force achieved on the morning of June 5, 1967 the greatest reward an air arm can aspire to: absolute air superiority. Operation Focus opened the Six-Day War in spectacular fashion. Three hours after the Israeli pre-emptive strike was launched, the mighty Egyptian Air Force was a wrecked and smoking shadow of its own self. Air superiority over Egypt assured Israeli air power was diverted to Jordan and Syria to obliterate the Royal Jordanian Air Force and neutralize the Syrian Air Force. It was on a hot summer noon, only seven hours or so after the first Israeli jet fighter took-off on the first Operation Focus mission, that a new reality was curved in the annals of Middle East warfare: Israel ruled the Middle East sky and in many ways has preserved this mighty achievement ever since.

This study – the first in a new series of publications, ISRAELI AIR FORCE AIR CAMPAIGNS - unfolds the story of Operation Focus from inception to implementation. The concept of Israeli Air Force air base attack mission is thoroughly presented in the first chapter while a chronology of countdown to war is the subject of the second chapter. From chapter three to chapter eight, this research chronicles the five Operation Focus waves, air base attack mission after air base attack mission; from first take off to Bir Gafgafa at 0714 in the morning, until the final sortie to Abu Sueir at 1800 in the late afternoon.

Hundreds of photos, schemes, maps and tables support the story of 132 air base attack formations; 474 air base attack sorties that raided 18 air bases in Egypt, five air bases in Syria, two air bases in Jordan and one air base in Iraq on a single fateful day 41 years ago.